Road Runner Rentals Featured On Extreme Home Makeover

Road Runner Rentals was proud to be part of Extreme Home Makeover in the Fall of 2010. Our willingness to give back to our community is always present in our company’s standards and we thank Alure Home Improvements for their time in showing us their gratitude. Please read an excerpt below with the full document to follow.

“You and your husband came to the Pep Rally because you were interested to volunteer for this Makeover. We learned that you could donate a tent for a few days which you later arranged for us to use all week. Ultimately it enabled us to provide a VIP area for the Friends and Family of Alure. That subsequent donation demonstrated a willingness to give back to your community that goes well above and beyond, specifically when that week fell during one of your busiest seasons of the year. Your generosity enabled a continued support for the crews who worked around the clock all week and made a place for their families to come visit during their long hours. This along with your volunteering clearly demonstrated there is a social conscience amongst Long Islanders.”
– Sal Ferro, President & CEO Alure Home Improvements